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Allergy Info



Our dough is always freshly made in-house using a traditional flour with gluten. We can provide a gluten-free option at private events for guests with a dietary preference, but it is NOT safe for people with Celiac disease. Gluten free is not available for pop-up events at this time.  

Other common allergies: 

We strive to provide safe food options for as many people as possible at our pop-up events! Unless otherwise noted on our menu, we are free of the following common allergy foods:


Tree & ground nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish.

Some specialty pizzas or BBQ options may contain soy.

Please note, our commitment to providing safe options is limited to pop-up events. When hosting a private event, we allow hosts to choose their own menu including any potential allergen listed above.


Please speak with a Papalias representative before purchasing any pizza if you or someone you know has a food allergy. 

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